Yesterday the exhibition 155 pictures for freedom ended in Perpignan. Now, the exhibition will be on tour throughout Northern Catalonia, before it goes to the south. We begin with the village of Alenyà: tomorrow, September 18, at 7pm, will take place the opening of the exhibition, at the roundabout of the Ecoiffier wine cellars.
Last Thursday, the Casa de la Generalitat in Perpinyà and the Catalan Solidarity Committee organised a conference on this topic: «Catalonia, a new democratic model?». Two authors of the yellow book exchanged their ideas on this matter: journalist and activist David Fernàndez and historian Joan Becat. Joan Becat explained in which conditions he was invited to write a few pages of the yellow book. In this article, he does not pretend to provide an overview of Catalan history, since books on this matter already exist, but provide elements which help understand the current situation, from...
This week, more than 3000 people visited the exhibition «ballot boxes for freedom» in Perpignan! It is displayed until September 25 at the Casa de la Catalanitat, from 9 am to 12 am and from 12:30 am to 5 pm. It will remain open this weekend, on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16.
Next Thursday, at the Casa de la Generalitat in Perpignan (1, rue de la Fusterie) at 6:30 pm will be held a conference organised by the Catalan Solidarity Committee on this topic: «Catalonia, a new democratic model?». Two authors of the yellow book and top-quality speakers will exchange ideas on this matter: journalist and activist David Fernàndez and historian Joan Becat. Do not miss it!
During the «Week of Books in Catalan», we will present the Yellow Book in Barcelona. This book, which presents the works of art displayed in the exhibition 55 ballots boxes for freedom, currently at the Maison de la Catalanité in Perpignan, is actually a work of art in itself and is available in Catalan, French and English (only one colour is available, though). Come and join us for the diada, on September 11, at 11:30 am, at avinguda de la Catedral (scene #2). Our deepest gratitude to Dalmau editions for making this happen.
The Casa de la Generalitat in Perpignan welcomed tonight a panel discussion with MEPs Josep Maria Terricabras and Marie-Pierre Vieu, who are particularly vocal in defending the situation of Catalan political prisoners. Terricabras and Vieu lamented that the European Union is unable to protect and guarantee the political and civil rights of the Catalan people. This conference with MEPs is one of the events organised by the Catalan Solidarity Committee, along with the exhibitions 55 ballot boxes for freedom and 155 pictures for freedom.
This afternoon in Pézilla-la-Rivière, we will inaugurate the exhibition «un poble, un país, un anhel» (a people, a country, a struggle). This will take place at 6:30 pm, at the Ramon Llull public library (former town hall), in the very centre of the village. Do not miss Roser Vilallonga's magnificent work!
What a day! At 5 pm we had an appointment at place de la Victoire, in front of the Castillet, to present the photographs from the exhibition 155 pictures for freedom. The exact same number of people marched from this place, each participant holding one of those photographs, until the Maison de la Catalanité. Many photographers and journalists were there to cover the event. President Quim Torra also was there and witnessed the demonstration. Before that, though, he had met the mayor of Perpignan, Jean-Marc Pujol, who welcomed him with a yellow ribbon pinned on his jacket, and signed the...
The presentation of the catalogue of the exhibition “55 ballot boxes for freedom” took place yesterday evening at the Casa de la Generalitat in presence of Josep Puigbert, director, Blanca Bragulat, wife of Jordi Turull ( in jail), Hervé Pi, coordinator of the Catalan Solidarity Committee and finally Esteve Sabench and Fina Duran, the curators of the exhibition. Josep Puigbert reminded that one year ago, Josep Turull was supposed to attend an event organised by the Casa de la Generalitat, but that he never arrived, due to the recently commemorated Barcelona’s attacks, which forced him to turn...
Besides the 155 photographs for freedom exhibition, the Vis a Vis festival will foster the 55 ballot boxes for freedom exhibition, which was presented in Brussels. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Maison de la Catalanité, located behind the cathedral (place Joseph-Sébastien Pons). We thank warmly the departmental Council of the Pyrénées-Orientales for putting this magnificient exhibition space at our disposal.