Presentation of the "yellow book": 55 ballot boxes for freedom

The presentation of the catalogue of the exhibition “55 ballot boxes for freedom” took place yesterday evening at the Casa de la Generalitat in presence of Josep Puigbert, director, Blanca Bragulat, wife of Jordi Turull ( in jail), Hervé Pi, coordinator of the Catalan Solidarity Committee and finally Esteve Sabench and Fina Duran, the curators of the exhibition.

Josep Puigbert reminded that one year ago, Josep Turull was supposed to attend an event organised by the Casa de la Generalitat, but that he never arrived, due to the recently commemorated Barcelona’s attacks, which forced him to turn around.

Blanca Bragulat read a letter of his husband. A very moving letter referring to a Russian artist and to his conception of art, i.e concentrate in a sole work much of our lives, of our experiences and sensorial impressions. The displayed works are very powerful and help us to understand the strength of the October 1, 2017 referendum. They also echoe Jordi Cuixart’s presentation in Brussels, when he said that such an exhibition should never have been organised, since the expectations of the Catalan people should never have received such an answer.

Hervé Pi stressed that this book has been realised on a voluntary basis and that the bookshops which sell it don’t make any profit. All the money goes to the solidarity chest.

The exhibition curators presented the Yellow Book (available in Catalan, French and English), which is far more than a mere catalogue, rather a work of art in itself. Along the pages, they presented and explained some of the exhibited works, with both their singularity and their strength.

Today, at 18 h 30, the official inauguration of the exhibition will take place at the House of Catalanity (Josep Sebastià Pons Square) in presence of both presidents of the Generalitat, namely Carles Puigdemont and Quim Torra.

Before, we will march from the Victory Square (in front of the Castillet) to present the pictures of the exhibition “155 pictures for freedom”.