Roser Vilallonga Tena

Roser Vilallonga
Barcelona, 1960

After working for 25 years for La Vanguardia(1992-2017) she devoted herself to personal projects and worked for Tribuna, Claro, El Periódico, El País, Canal Plus, Capçalera, Ara, ACN and regional newspapers. She received numerous awards such as the prizes Josep Maria Pérez Molinos,  Memorial Maria Rubies,  Grand Marina,  Dignitat 2016, was one of the finalists of the Ortega i Gasset, and  winner of the Golden Prize of the Society for News Design in the category report. She participated in various individual and collective exhibitions.

She published various collective and individual photography books among which “2014: a people, a country, a struggle” about the Catalan separatist process. Her personal work focuses on oppressed collectives and people, aiming to give a face and a voice to those whom the western world ignores. She also follows for more than 20 years now, the works of the Sagrada Familia temple. She is teacher in the framework of the photojournalism master of the University of Barcelona. A founding member of the UPIFC, she has been a juror for various competitions, among which Foto Nikon. She is now working on the “Catalan process” and collaborates with various entities which support her, like Omnium and Assemblea National Catalana.