Lluís Brunet i Palou

Lluís Brunet
Sabadell, 1954

In 1969, he started his first collaborations with newspapers and reviews as a freelance photographer while studying graphic arts and working in photographic studios. In 1974, he decided to work as a free-lance photographer for La Vanguardia, Oriflama, El Correo Catalán, Destino, Diari Sabadell, l’Avui, etc. In 1976 he opened his first studio in order to offer artistic and creative advertising pictures. In 1987, he starte his investigations around digital pictures and developed, together with Josep Brunet i Llobert, a system which permits to view the pictures in process in the studio live in colour through a modem. Along these years, he also worked with European photographers in Switzerland and Germany. From 1995 to 2003, he worked as a teacher and an advisorfor various companies and entities, and finally participated in the creation of the study plan at the CITM ( Picture and multimedia Technology Centre) of the Catalan Polytechnic Foundation in Terrassa. Besides his work “as an ethics and pictures’ smuggler”, he participated in seminars, lectures, radiophonic debates, training sessions, among which Digital Analogic (Sonimag 2001) or “Photography and digital Culture (Sonimag 2003) as well as in the seminars organised by Kodak in various cities throughout Spain and the Catalan Countries in 2003 and 2004 with the title “Introduction to Digital Photography”. He also worked as a designer and an advisor specialising in visual control or illumination techniques.

In 2005, he opened a new studio around creative and advertising pictures and new communication technologies and also a shop of services meant for fans and amateurs, managed by “Maru” Maria Navarro i Francès. His works have been published in national and international advertising campaigns, reviews and professional directories like «Photographis», «Visual», among others. He also made various individual and collective exhibitions in Catalonia, Spain, Germany and Brazil.