Jordi Ribot Puntí

Jordi Ribot
Barcelona, 1968

A graduated graphic reporter, he worked for the main medias of the country. Graduated in history of art at the University of Girona, he is also a technician specialising in photographic pictures. He started his career as a professional photographer in 2002, within the staff of the newspaper Diari de Girona.

In 1999, he founded the photojournalism agency Click Art Foto and managed it until 2012. In March 2012 he created the company ICONNA Communication Audio-visual, together with the photojournalist Joan Castro. He works as an associate photography and photojournalism teacher at the University of Vic. He also is photography teacher at the EUERAM (Audio-visual and Multimedia direction school), a school which belongs to the university of Girona. Since 2004 he also teaches at the art school of Celrà. He always kept on working for the press. He now publishes his pictures in the Periódico de Catalunya and in the Mundo Deportivo. He conceived and published the book Artur Mas, portrait of the man and the president. With the Icona staff, he also managed the project Obstinately, story of the Catalan process. In 2010 he was awarded with the Prize of Photojournalism during the first edition of the Carles Rahola local Communication awards. In 2017, he was awarded again in the framework of the eighth edition of the Prize.